Joel Anderson Joins the Juice Lubes Crew



Joel Anderson Joins the Juice Lubes Crew

We’re stoked to announce that West Country Wild Man Joel Anderson has joined the Juice Lubes Crew for 2022 and beyond.

Riding for Specialized, Joel grew up riding the infamous Triscombe trails. After a short stint racing DH he made the switch to freeride and hasn’t looked back. In his short career so far he’s competed at Loose Fest, Hill Billy Huck Fest and create a tonne of insane content that usually involves big, nasty jumps.

We’re juicing at the prospect of keeping Joel’s bikes running tip top - they definitely take some abuse!



Who is Joel Anderson?

Just a kid who’s lucky enough to make it a little way up the mountain bike career ladder. But now I have to do the REALLY gnarly stuff to please the child in me!

How did you get into mountain biking?

Going out cycling with my older brother and dad until the day my dad started driving the uplift; mix that with my mum’s competitive nature and I was destined to be obsessed!

Juice Lubes - Joe Anderson Juice Lubes - Joe Anderson

What made you decide to start sending massive jumps?

My brother was faster than me on a race track for years and years, I had to get one up somehow! But it was really just a natural progression from building little jumps in our garden and working up to bigger and better things, now I use an 8-tonne digger to essentially get the same feeling.

When you sat at the top of your first big send at Loose Fest, how did it feel?

I remember arriving at Loosefest pretty bloody nervous, seeing the jumps for the first time I remember thinking “oh thank god” because they looked perfect, everything added up I truly believe I’ve hit harder jumps at my local woods!

Sitting at the top you know that If it all goes right it will be the best 40-second run you could ever ask for but if it goes wrong, it could be a long couple of months. So you put your foot on the pedal and the adrenaline hits, the first time I hit the first lip I went through 3 jumps of 5 and I thought “maybe the 100ft step down can wait till run two…”

What's the secret to stepping up and sending bigger features?

Central body weight and keep your elbows strong - if you’re upright your bicycle will help you save whatever happens after that. Also, enjoy the process of learning, once you hit a 100ft jump you realise you can have just as much fun on a 10ft jump!

What are your plans for this year?

More trail building, more edits and we can all pray for more travelling!

Any advice for budding riders looking to follow in your footsteps?

Be nice to everyone, if you’ve got a positive attitude opportunities will come to you, if you think you’re a good rider, don’t tell everyone, use your platforms and let your riding do the talking!

Are you any good at washing, fixing and maintaining your bikes? What's your least favourite and most favourite job?

I used to be a terrible, classic younger brother! However, since joining The Bicycle Chain as a part-time job I’ve learnt so much, passed my Cytech mechanics course now I’m much more competent.

Least favourite job gotta be finding that creak your bike has been making and everything you grease doesn’t fix it! The favourite job is obviously building a box-fresh machine!

Any recommendations for your top favourite spots to ride?

Bike Park Ferme Libert (Loosefest)
Black mountains
Pleney steeps!


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