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Live, Laugh, Lube


Live, Laugh, Lube.

Founded in 2009, Juice Lubes is the UK's no-nonsense bike maintenance brand. We started out with Fork Juice, the world's first suspension lubricant and now offer a full range of lubes, cleaners and maintenance products for riders on and off-road.

As riders, our mission is simple. We want to make bike maintenance easy, so you can spend less time fixing and more time riding.

We make the best products that we can whilst being environmentally conscious. We won't waste your time with crappy claims or gimmicky products and we'll always offer the best value possible. We're honest and we'll never compromise on performance.

Last but not least, we make it fun, because that's what riding bikes is about, right?

Chain Lubes



Bike maintenance needn't be difficult or time-consuming. We only make great quality, great value products that can cut it with the best.

Take the Dirty Little Scrubber and fill it with our Boss chain cleaner and you can degrease your chain in seconds, use the leftover liquid and our Stiffler brush and you'll have your whole drivetrain looking and working like new in minutes. 

Fork Juice suspension lubricant can be applied to forks, shocks and dropper posts in less than a minute. Improving performance and preventing wear on your most expensive components.

In fact, you could carry out most of your regular bike maintenance in less than 5 minutes using Juice Lubes products. So don't worry about time, Speed up your maintenance and spend more time riding and enjoying the good times.


Bearing Juice




The main benefit of good bike maintenance is that it helps to extend the lifespan and efficiency of components, which of course saves you money in the long run. Juice Lubes have everything you need from brake fluid to chain lubes to make sure your mount is always perfectly prepared.

The added benefit of using Juice Lubes products is that they have been engineered specifically for bikes and tested under the most arduous conditions. They are great value and a little goes a long way, meaning more cash for after-work beers and less "is she dead" calls to your local bike shop. 




We take our products and our business seriously, but we're always having and sharing our stoke for bikes in everything we do. Social posts, videos, product names, events... Let's have more fun. What's not funny about lube!?

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If you have any questions about Juice Lubes, then please contact us.


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