Chain Juice, Ceramic Chain Lube

For the very crispest shifts and the toughest protection. A high-tech lube designed for dry to damp conditions even under the cruelest of gear changes.

A space age lube for dry to damp conditions that will guarantee the crispest shifts ride after ride after ride (after ride) on the road or on the mountain.

Our Chain Juice Ceramic Lube dives deep into your chain, coating it in a protective shield that keeps shifts slick and components healthy. It’s a doddle to apply and will guarantee more crucified-legs days on the trails and less bleary-eyed nights in the workshop.




Product Info

  • Suitable for on/off road use
  • Exceptionally Smooth and quiet gear shifting
  • 100% Synthetic lubricant containing Boron nitride sub-micron particles to reduce friction and prevent metal to metal contact
  • Incredibly durable, giving long distance performance
  • Extremely low levels of friction to ensure maximum drive train efficiency
  • Suitable for dry to damp conditions
  • Recyclable packaging

Step By Step


Start clean.

Give your chain a proper good degrease with Dirt Juice Boss Chain Cleaner and The Dirty Little Scrubber chain cleaning tool. Rinse with fresh water and leave to dry.


Less is more.

Apply a thin layer of Chain Juice Ceramic Lube to the top of your chain whilst backpedalling your cranks. Go steady, you don’t need loads. You’ve used enough when the sound of squeaky chains is replaced with sweet silence.

Don't forget to wipe away any excess. 


Let the good times roll.

Meditate on two-wheeled adventures past for 120 seconds whilst Chain Juice Ceramic dives deep into your chain, cladding it in a rust-repellent force field. Once complete, go ride your bike till a hungry belly and fried legs drive you home.

Product Video



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