Rider Juice, Mountain Bike Rider Lube

Mountain Bike Rider Specific Lube - For the Bedroom

Designed for optimum performance but this time in the bedroom rather than on the trails. Water based, long lasting and guaranteed to amplify pleasure.

Developed to meet the demanding needs of today's MTB riders, this magic potion could be the game changer you have been looking for!

Suitable for solo efforts, group meetups or just you and your regular riding partner, Rider Juice is formulated to enhance enjoyment whatever conditions are thrown at you.

Application is simple and if you don't know then you probably shouldn't be buying it! But we will say keep a towel handy in case of over supply - s**t can get loose real quick!

Rider Juice is a paraban free long lasting water based lubricant, it's also latex safe and odour free. Worried about dubious stains, you shouldn't be... Our non staining formula gives you complete peace of mind. It's also toy safe and hypoallergenic.

*Never put lube on door knobs.

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Product Info

  • SMTB Rider Specific
  • Paraban free
  • Water based
  • Long lasting
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Odour free
  • Latex safe
  • Non Staining

Step By Step



Whether it's a group outing, a one-on-one or a solo effort you might want to welly up prior to application.


Application - Start with a small amount applied to the desired area or object.

Go steady, a little goes a long way. If you're dribbling over the floor you've probably over done it.
You don't want to waste any and you can always add more. The formula can always be reactivated with the addition of a little moisture.


Rubber side up? Check. Lubed up? Check. Mud guard? Nope, course not!

Put your feet up, go scuff your knees. Push on further than ever before and roll back into town as the sun rises.
It'll take you a little while to figure out the reapplication intervals so get stuck in.

Give 'er a rinse when you're done.



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