Double Ender, Two Prong Brush

A double-ender for hard to reach bits. It’ll flex to dive deep into your linkage, wrap-around chainstays and penetrate those deep and dirty bits.

The Double Ender brush is a flexible, stiff and double-pronged brush that'll leave your dirty bits gleaming.

It comes with a tough rubber handle and hard-wearing bristles for anything that’s filthy enough to need a proper scrubbing. It's built to be stiff enough to really take some welly but flexible enough to reach those tricky spots.

As with all things, go steady. Excessive rubbing or pressure won’t do any good and could lead to surface scratching. For really sensitive bits, we’d recommend a sponge or microfibre cloth.

Please note: You should avoid boiling water with the Double Ender. 



Product Info

  • Two prong design
  • Flexible heads can be re-positioned to dive into hard reach areas
  • Durable nylon bristles
  • Dual density handle for added grip

Step By Step


Give your bike a wash

Fire H2O generously and make sure to get all the muddy bits good and soggy.


Lash Dirt Juice across your whip and your brush and get pokey with that double ended

Get stuck into those tight gaps and hard-to-reach cracks. Let the flexy head work its magic and reach those bits that other brushes can't. Linkage, suspension, chainstays, BBs, the works.


Rinse with fresh water and keep scrubbing.

Scrub, rinse, repeat and then move to one of our detailing brushes like the Stiffler for those even harder-to-reach bits. 





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