Fork Juice, Suspension Lube and Cleaner

Forking good fork lubricant. Cleans, lubes and protects for silky smooth suspension.


Your very own suspension guru in the garage.

Juice Lubes Fork Juice sprays on in seconds and instantly spruces up your fork, shock and dropper for smoother trails and less mechanical fails. It lubes up dry seals, drives out dirt and brings back that box fresh, ready-for-anything suspension feeling. It’s like having your very own suspension expert, without all the hassle of having to kidnap one and lock him in your garage.

Fork Juice is a do-it-all spray-on suspension lube and protectant. It lubes seals and stanchions, drives grime out from deep in your fork and leaves a protective, non-stick layer. Your fork, shock and dropper will feel plush like new and will move faster and smoother when you’re out slaying singletrack.




Product Info

  • Great for forks, shocks and dropper posts
  • Improves small bump sensitivity
  • Reduces wear to forks & shocks
  • Anti-static properties prevent the build-up of dust, dirt and mud on stanchions, shock shafts and seals
  • Eliminates wiper seal stiction, particularly on new or freshly serviced forks/shocks or where stanchions/shafts are of a larger diameter
  • Reduced trail buzz resulting in increased comfort and less rider fatigue particularly in the hands and forearms
  • Increased shock/fork performance for longer after a service or from new, straight out the box
  • Safe for use on all shock/stanchion coatings as well as metal, carbon fibre, rubber and plastics
  • Recyclable packaging

Step By Step


Give it a wipe.

Give your fork, shock and dropper stanchions a wipe to remove any grime.

Cover up your disc rotors to keep them safe from accidental squirts.


Lash it on.

Spray Fork Juice straight onto your fork stanchions and the seals of your fork, shock and dropper post.

Give your bits a bounce and push deep into the travel, then wipe off any gunk that Fork Juice frees up.


Ride and repeat.

Ride like hell. Destroy your PB, kill your KOM, be the first to the top, the first to drop in and the first to the pub at the end. Be the last to bed and the first on the trails.

When you’re done, Fork Juice will be waiting.

Product Video



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