Hand Juice, Walnut Shell Hand Scrub

Kind on skin, tough on grime with a delightful fruit salad aroma.

For the grimiest of grease monkeys. Hand Juice is a kind-on-skin, mean-on-the-unclean hand cleaner that restores filthy paws back to brilliance.

Hand Juice works just like soap but with added grease melting ingredients.

And in case you’re wondering, Hand Juice contains absolutely zero nasty-on-the-environment plastic beads that you’ll find in other cleaners. They’re replaced with all natural ground walnut shell which helps scrub away muck.

Simply blob it on, rub, rinse and repeat. Did we mention it smells good too?

Allergy advice: This product contains nuts. Specifically, ground walnut shell.



Product Info

  • Exfoliating ground Walnut shell formula
  • Contains sanitizers and skin emollients
  • Pleasing fruit salad aroma
  • Won't cause skin dryness or cracking
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Recyclable packaging

Step By Step


Blob a good old lump on your filthy paws.

Rub into a pleasingly filthy paste of grime and hand juice.


Add clean water then lather, rinse, repeat.

Work it between those fingers, sing happy birthday twice like old Bozza showed you, don't forget under the nails.


Get filthy again, ya dirty animal!

Take those newly scrubbed hands and filth them up anew. Greasy chains, muddy tyres, sealanty-inserts, dog eggs, cow pats. The world is your filthy oyster.


Product Video



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