Juice Lubes x Mudhugger Shorty EVO Zip-Tie

We've teamed up with Mudhugger to bring you the best darn mud guards on the market.

Rather than bring you some cheap ineffective flappy guard that doesn't do a lot, we thought we'd bring you the best.

The EVO Shorty is the more compact year-round guard. It still offers great coverage whilst giving a more minimal look to your steed. The perfect balance between style and functionality.

This is a zip-tie fitted guard, 4 x ties provided to fit to your fork.

Made from 100% recycled plastic and fitted with super durable graphics.

For reverse brace forks you will need to drill 4 small holes to align with the reverse fork brace.

Length: 390mm total - Rear extension 255mm - Front extension 105mm
Width: 90mm
Weight: 100g without fittings

Grouped product items
Product Name Quantity
Juice Lubes, Mudhugger EVO Ziptie Fitting, SHORTY, BLACK
Juice Lubes, Mudhugger EVO Ziptie Fitting, SHORTY, PINK

Product Info

  • Super strong and durable
  • Easy to swap between bikes
  • Boost spacing
  • Made from 100% recycled PP
  • Made in the UK



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