Brake Juice, Disc Brake Cleaner

A tough, long lasting brake cleaner for pads, calipers and rotors.

The nightclub bouncer for buggered brakes. Brake Juice is a dirty great big can of ‘sorry mate, not tonight’ for squeaky stoppers and dicky discs, standing guard in your tool box ready for trouble.

Brake Juice drives out grime and drives life back into your brakes leaving them sharper, cleaner and quieter. It kicks out annoying squeaks and squeals, sticky residue and knackered paintwork.



Product Info

  • Improves braking performance
  • Dissolves greases, oils and contaminants
  • Reduces brake squeal
  • Prolongs rotor and pad life
  • Safe on metals, plastics, carbon fibre and seals
  • Recyclable packaging

Step By Step


Wash it off, lash it on.

Wash your bike and then spray Brake Juice directly onto disc rotors, brake pads and calipers.

Blast away grime or use as a final touch to spruce up your brakes after a wash.

Don’t be shy, it’s a big can.


Leave to dry.

Leave to dry and don’t worry about wiping up. It’ll evaporate harmlessly into the air.

Brake Juice may take a little longer to evaporate from organic pads. Any squeaking will fade quickly with a bit of riding.


Ride your bike.

Go boil your brakes silly on the biggest, gnarliest, white-knuckliest descents you can find.

Don’t forget to check your pads regularly, keep them well-bled and set up nicely.

Product Video



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