Chain Juice, Chain Lube Travel Bottle

A small bottle to fill with your favourite chain lube. Perfect for trips away or mid ride re-lubes.

Rather than stiff you for a small fortune for a tiny bottle of lube we thought we'd offer you just the bottle, because that's all you really need right?
Fill it with your favourite chain lube, use it for trips away or stick it in your saddlebag for those emergency mid ride re-lubes. Keep it in your pocket for those "just incase" moments.

When it's empty fill 'er up again.



Step By Step


Fill 'er up.

Fill the bottle using your favourite 130ml chain lube and fit the lid. It's a 2 part cap so once the cap is initially fitted it will leave the nozzle in place when the cap is next removed.


Take it with you.

Take it on holiday, stick it in your saddlebag or pack. Use it as and when you need it. Go steady, try to avoid dragging the nozzle on the chain whilst applying the lube to prevent the nozzle from getting dragged out of the bottle.
It's only little so avoid charging in there like you might with the full size version.



Once empty or getting low, pull the nozzle from the bottle and refill. Refit the nozzle and screw the cap down tightly to ensure the nozzle is fully fitted back into the bottle.

Put it in that "safe place" so it's always there when you need it.



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