Juice Lubes Dirt Juice Boss In a Can Is Here



Juice Lubes Dirt Juice Boss In a Can Is Here

The boffins have been busy in the lab and we can finally reveal our latest product.

Dirt Juice Boss In a Can is - you guessed it - the aerosol version of our super popular Dirt Juice Boss. A fast-acting, powerful on dirt, kind on paint chain cleaner, Boss has been a favourite of customers and the media since we launched it.

Juice Lubes - Dirt Juice Boss In A Can

The new canned version works as a spray-on drivetrain degreaser, to help clean your chain and restore it to box-fresh, ready for a fresh coat of lube.

It acts quickly and sends oily, greasy grime packing. Think of it a shower in a can for your drivetrain and is perfect for getting you ready to go when you don't have time for a full-works drivetrain scrub.

So why use this over the classic Boss version? Boss In a Can is quick and easy to use, but not quite as effective as a full-blast, deep clean using the Dirt Little Scrubber, classic Boss and plenty of water. It’s for quick and dirty washes when you’re short on time or just need a quick clean-up between proper hose-downs.

Juice Lubes - Dirt Juice Boss In A Can

Why clean the chain on your road, gravel or mountain bike? The main reason is the obvious one - grime.

After hard riding, especially in the winter, your chain will get so gunked up it becomes dirty, sticky and messy. This will wear your components out quickly, mess up your kit and covers your fingers in grime when they go near your drive train.

The less obvious reason is to save you money and make your bike work better and last longer. A clean chain works much more efficiently and and repeatedly chucking lube on your chain will only work for so long. Every few rides it’s important to properly degrease and clean your chain to hit ‘reset’ on grime and allow your lube to properly coat the chain. Adding lube to a dirty chain works for a while, but, won’t work forever!

You can check out our full range of chain lubes and cleaning products here. You can check out Dirt Juice Boss in a Can here.

Juice Lubes - Dirt Juice Boss In A Can


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