KJ Sharp Joins The Juice Lubes Crew



KJ Sharp Joins The Juice Lubes Crew

You've heard of the Juice Lubes Crew, right?

They're our guys and girls that are out in the wild. They're riding bikes, shooting videos, testing our products and helping to improve what we do with real-world feedback. They're a mostly UK-based bunch of elite racers, super shredders and content creators and we're adding more names to the roster, in more countries slowly but surely. 

The latest name on the list is, we're stoked to say, THE KJ Sharp

KJ is the the UK's female, elite national downhill champion and races for 555Gravity Racing, on a Raaw DH bike. She's a relative newcomer to downhill, having only started in 2016, but is already killing it at the British nationals and is making moves at World Cups. 

We're looking forward to seeing what KJ can do this season and hoping to get a Home To Roost video shot with her later in the year. Good luck KJ!

You can follow KJ on Instagram here.


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